Suspension kit for your snowmobile

The highly performant Expert X suspension from AD Boivin is available for most snowmobiles from the other four manufacturer. AD Boivin is proud to support the industry with such a product that improves the confort and performance of many snowmobiles on the market today. 

Ride height Adjuster :
By simply turning a screw, you can vary the height of the back of your vehicle by 4 inches.

Single Swingarm:
The Expert X suspension differs from the competition because of its use of a single swing arm technology. This makes it possible to eliminate the infamous kick-back that comes with riding on a conventional suspension.

Weight transfer adjustement:
By a simple turn of the wrist, you can obtain the desired weight transfer. You don’t need any special tools and it’s very easy to gain access to.

Dynamic stopper mechanism:
At the last 3 inches of your suspension travel, 2 torsioned springs will help to slow down the suspension’s movement. You can now stop cringing at the sight of an enormous bump!!!

Dynamic Transfer Regulator
«Dynamic Transfer Regulator» (DTR) 

The DTR allows high-HP, high-traction mountain sleds to have all the initial hook-up weight transfer they want and still have the front-end pulled back down onto the snow while still accelerating. A must-have for mountain riding!
Part # Mounting kit Description
EXP-00X EXPERT X™ Mounting kit for Ski-Doo DSA & ADSA and Polaris 1993-2005
EXP-01X EXPERT X™ Mounting kit for Yamaha V-Max 4 1992-1997, V-Max 500,600 1995-1997,V-Max 800 1995-1996, Ski-Doo (PRS 1989-94)
EXP-02X EXPERT X™ Mounting kit for Arctic Cat 1991-2004 (except Firecat models)
EXP-04X EXPERT X™ Mounting kit for Yamaha SX-600,700 1997 and all water cooled 1998-05 including RX-1 and RX-1 Warrior
Part # Other Parts Description
Extended rail kit for the Expert X 121 in. to fit a 136 or 141 in. track
DTR Dynamic transfer regulator included with 144’’ and 151’’ suspensions (now included in the 2007 EXPX-121)