Questions et réponses


With such a new and unique concept (US Patent : 6,234,264) , we understand that the snowmobile community may have questions... 

For a “plastic” suspension, is the ZX2 robust?

The ZX2 suspension is made from “composite” and is very robust, very durable and “weldings” free.

The swingarms (2) and 12 wheels (including four 8 in. (200 mm) wheels on the rear axel) are made from UHMW Polyethylene and the rails, from a very special UHMW composite.

We hear that question a lot and we simply remind people of the evolution/revolution that the ski went through in the 90s, from metal to composite.


What is the weight of the ZX2?

The weight of the ZX2 is 53 pounds for the 121” including the two shocks absorbers. It goes up to 56 pounds for the longest version of 162”.

At this weight, the ZX2 is the lightest aftermarket snowmobile suspension available on the market. AD Boivin has made no compromise in its robustness at comfort. This suspension performs in any kind of trail and riding conditions.

The ZX2 has 50% fewer parts than any other suspension on the market.

Color and lenght? 

Colors available:  
Blue, Red,Yellow,Green, Black.
The ZX2 fits almost any tunnel from 121'' to 162''. 

gif anime suspension

Is the ZX2 effective and comfortable?

The composite has the unique ability to absorb vibrations improving the rider’s experience. The composite is also permitting a certain flexibility on bigger bumps and turns, helping eliminate bad feedbacks to the rider.

The ZX2 includes two gaz shock absorbers that have the very unique positive sensitive system from AD Boivin, the G-ForceTM technology. This unique valving provides a real dual-behaviour to offer comfort to the majority of the ride and an anti-bottoming zone for more security and to suit aggressive rider needs.

The “VDF” effect : the geometry and parallelism of the suspension provides a unique suction effect when you hit bumps. As the swingarms go up, the rest of the sled is going down … this is the Vertical Down Force.

How can we adjust the ZX2?

The ZX2 is adjustable in many ways but in a very easy and quick approach. You can adjust your suspension on the trail, in seconds, with the special key included.

Revolver System : simply reposition, using pins, the patented Revolver system to adjust the weight transfer and the VDF.

Preload of the springs : Use the included key in the openings on each rail to reach the preload ring (7 positions) of the springs.. it takes seconds in complete darkness to accomplish! 

Tension of the track : As any other suspension, the tension of the track can easily be set by moving forward or backward the rear axel playing with the two bolts.

Ajustement de la ZX2

How do we maintain the ZX2? 

The ZX2 is maintenance free! No need to lubricate parts and joints, the composite has the unique ability to lubricate itself!